Breakthrough the Value Barrier


If You Don’t Someone Else Will Eat Your Lunch! By Mark Luger

those clients forward, you need to consider something that differentiates you from other Tax Accountants. Another movement that is becoming quite popular is Profit Recovery. This particular licensed business model offers Increased Value Perception (IVP), with a deep dive into your clients financials (4 years), yielding some extremely high value nuggets. Profit Pros uncovers an average rate of 8 ½% to clients. Profit Pros platform is spotting inefficiencies, tracking trends, uncovering hidden profits and recovering them back to the bottom line. It’s cloud based and possesses a robust analytics engine that outputs at 40,000 calculations. It’s basically a money pump, but without the CPA, CFO or Trusted Advisor to interpret those reports, you will never be able to Break Through The Value Barrier!

As CPA’s, CFO’s and Trusted Advisors, we are all faced with diminishing returns as it relates to being able to break through the value barrier for our clients! Small and Medium sized Businesses in general have been brainwashed that Accounting has evolved so much and is so fluid that you can just-add-water with a one-size-fits- all, DIY accounting program, where you are just the co-pilots now.

Don’t you think it’s time to take back the ship?

Consider the value perception – Increase your client value, open up new lines of communication and make more money doing it, what a concept?

Mark Luger is the VP of Sales & Marketing for Profit Pros, the Premier Provider of Profit Recovery in the World and is a seasoned technology consultant specializing in integration, marketing solutions & innovative delivery methods for over 30 years in the U.S. & abroad.

Just like Virtual CFO services, your time is valuable and clients will pay you generously if they can realize the benefits.

Based on your client relationships, you may choose to add 10%-15 for services you already offer, just convert, over a period of 1 or two years, the total fee you’ve charged your clients for basic tax, accounting, compilation, bookkeeping, and payroll processing into an average monthly fee. Adding more value to your client relationship is as easy as taking off your Tax Services Hat and putting on your Business Consulting Hat. Let’s face it in order to grow your services side and progress

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