You Don't Know What You Don't Know

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

By Mark Luger

Competition is getting fierce out there, so it’s time to future proof yourself and bullet proof your clients. With over $3 Billion ingested into the system and over $200 Million hidden profits uncovered. There’s nothing wrong with standard tax services, or anything like that. It’s a matter of differentiation, it’s a matter of deeper analysis, and it’s a matter of time before your competition eats your lunch. So compete on another level, one that enhances your client

I am so impressed with the raw knowledge that most CPA’s, Virtual CFO’s and Business Advisors are able to harness. For those that are entrusted with core company information, strategy, risk profiles and financials, I believe it is in their best interest to explore how deep analysis and automation can make a positive impact on their client’s bottom line! From the surface, it looks like standard operating procedures for trusted advisors, you know tax services and tax consulting. But just one layer below, where advisory lives, we’re all looking for ways to be different, something innovative, something affordable that saves time and energy. This is the place at the edge of your comfort zone, where change begins and a new chapter in your firm’s life is in view. Don’t look back, look forward and prosper, by engaging with your client on a deeper level with a new track to run on, now you’re bringing more value and a whole new revenue stream. Unless you look into it yourself and see, you may discover some profits that are hidden in all of those financials. As a champion your job, if you accept it, is to find them Hidden Profits ® ! What a concept, do a comparative study of 4 years of financials, comparing your client’s company to itself, with no industry static, tracking trends and detecting problematic areas all in the cloud. This profit recovery platform is designed to: make life easier, more valuable, be an investment not a cost center.

offerings and increases lifetime client value. Be Bold. Be Profitable with Profit Pros ® !

Until you do the research, you don’t know what you don’t know!

Mark Luger is the VP of Sales & Marketing for Profit Pros, the Premier Provider of Profit Recovery in the World and is a seasoned technology consultant specializing in integration, marketing solutions & innovative delivery methods for over 30 years in the U.S. & abroad.

Learn more about our Profit Recovery Platform at Profit Pros. Call Mark Luger today at 612-850-3164! •

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